1 Championship Registration
2 EEC Driver classification
3 Categories
4 Championship
5 Race Event
6 Communication
7 Race Control
8 Behaviour
9 Penalty Guideline
10 Liveries



The Esia Endurance Championship is hosted by Esia Racing with the support of Esia. The aim of the league is to provide clean and fair racing in a friendly environment.


All drivers participating in the championship adhere to the rules. All drivers are responsible for their own actions on the track and their action represents their team.


These rules aim to supplement the FIRST Sporting Code on iRacing. Everyone participating in the league must have read and understood both the FIRST Sporting Code & these rules.


This championship hosts multiclass endurance races. As a multiclass driver, everyone needs to be aware of faster and slower classes. Any class has to respect other classes. The pace of P1 compared to the GT and even P2 is massive and therefore everyone needs to be attentive to the surroundings. This is mandatory to guarantee safe and fun racing for everyone.

1 Championship Registration

1.1 Team Entry

A team entry for the championship is for a whole season - all the events on the schedule. Failure to enter 2 events will result in disqualification for the remaining rounds of the current season. The entry will be freed and replace with a reserve team. Failure to warn the administrative team for a non-participation in an event will also result in a disqualification.


A team can have a maximum of 2 cars in the same category and a maximum of 3 entries in the whole championship.

1.2 Requirements

Each team needs to provide a minimum of 2 drivers and a maximum of 4 drivers for each event. The team can register more than 4 drivers to prevent participation failure in case of missing driver for an event.


Team roster can be updated between event before a specific deadline (communicated in the drivers briefing)

1.3 Car selection

Each team is able to switch cars and category (if the said category still have free spots) before the first race deadline (communicated in the drivers briefing). Once this deadline is reached, the car selection will be locked for the whole season.

1.4 Driver entry

A driver can only be registered in 1 team at any given time. If a driver plans to switch between teams within the season, the said driver will have to decide the main team he will be racing for. He we only earn points for the driver standing when racing for his main team. 


If a driver needs to be added after the deadline (communicated in the drivers briefing), the team will receive a “Race registration infringement” penalty (start from pitlane).

1.5 Registration procedure

Before each race, a deadline will be set (normally the start of the FP1). This will be reminded to everyone in the briefing. Any change to the roster after this deadline (adding a driver, swap a driver to another team, etc) will be penalized (see our Penalty guideline) or not taken into account for the race.


Once the deadline is reached, if we have free spots for the race, the teams in our waiting list will be contacted and allowed to race.

2 EEC Driver classification

The championship will use 2 classifications for the drivers competing:

  • EEC Pro driver: registration irating or pre-season updated irating (in case of re-entry from a past season) over or equal to 2500.
  • EEC Am driver: registration irating or pre-season updated irating (in case of re-entry from a past season) below 2500.

3 Categories

3.1 Classes

This championship will have 4 categories:

  • P1: Porsche 919 & Audi R18
  • P2: HPD ARX 01-c
  • GT Pro: BMW M8 GTE, Ferrari 488 GTE, Ford GT 2017 & Porsche 991 RSR
  • GT Am: BMW M8 GTE, Ferrari 488 GTE, Ford GT 2017 & Porsche 991 RSR

3.2 Categories restriction

  • P1: Limited to 12 entries. Require at least 1 EEC pro driver/race
  • P2: Limited to 14 entries. No restriction
  • GT Pro: Limited to 26 entries (shared with GT Am). No restriction
  • GT Am: Limited to 26 entries (shared with GT Pro). Maximum 1 EEC pro driver/race.

3.3 Category registration

Once the first race deadline is reached, the teams’ category will not change even if the live irating of their drivers change.

3.4 Category change within the season

If a team feels they need to change their category. Or if their current roster does not match the rules anymore. (GT Pro team with only EEC Am driver still competing or GT Am team with only EEC Pro drivers competing, for example), they can ask the administrative team for a change. Only 1 category change will be allowed for the GT entries. P1 & P2 teams will not be allowed to change their category. This change will reset the points earned in the previous races.

3.5 GT Am Fair Share rule

For the GT Am category, a specific fair share rule will be applied for each event on the calendar and will be calculated as follows based on the leading car in the category (final decision for each track will be displayed in the drivers briefing). The percentage reflects the maximum that the Pro driver may drive:

6 hours races:

  • 2 - 3 and 4 drivers: 40% of the leading car laps

10 hours races:

  • 2 drivers: 40% of the leading car laps
  • 3 and 4 drivers: 30% of the leading car laps

24 hours races:

  • 2 drivers: 50% of the leading car laps
  • 3 drivers: 40% of the leading car laps
  • 4 & 5 drivers: 30% of the leading car laps

If the Pro driver exceeds the limit by less than 10%, the team will score 50% of the points for his position (if the team finish 1st in a 6 hours race and the pro driver do 45% of the laps: the team will score 50/2 = 25 points)

If the Pro driver exceeds the limit by 10% and more, the team will not score any points. The team will keep his position in the result, the following team will not move upward.

3.6 Car switch within the season

If a team want to change car within the season, they will be able to do so but they will get the following penalties:

  • Pit lane start for the next race
  • Half points on the next valid result. A valid result being not DQ, finishing the race and scoring points in our system. If the team do not score points or doesn't have a valid result, the point penalty will be carried over until a valid result is scored. If the team fail to enter a valid result before the end of the final race of the season, the penalty will be applied on the 1st valid result of the season.

4 Championship

4.1 Championships definition

All teams competing in the championship will be eligible for the following championships:

  • P1 Team classification
  • P2 Team classification
  • GT Pro Team classification
  • GT Am Team classification


  • P1 Team safe award
  • P2 Team safe award
  • GT Pro Team safe award
  • GT Am Team safe award

All drivers competing in the championship will be eligible for the following championship:

  • P1 Driver classification
  • P2 Driver classification
  • GT Pro Driver classification
  • GT Am Driver classification

4.2 Teams and Drivers championships Point Scoring

4.2.1 6 hours races

1st 50 points
2nd 45 points
3rd 40 points
4th 37 points
5th 34 points
6th 32 points
7th 30 points
8th 28 points
9th 26 points
10th 25 points
11th 24 points
12th 23 points
13th 22 points
14th 21 points
15th 20 points
16th 19 points
17th 18 points
18th 17 points
19th 16 points
20th 15 points


4.2.2 10 hours races

1st 70 points
2nd 63 points
3rd 56 points
4th 52 points
5th 48 points
6th 45 points
7th 42 points
8th 39 points
9th 36 points
10th 34 points
11th 32 points
12th 31 points
13th 30 points
14th 29 points
15th 28 points
16th 27 points
17th 26 points
18th 25 points
19th 24 points
20th 23 points


4.2.3 24 hours races

1st 100 points
2nd 90 points
3rd 80 points
4th 74 points
5th 68 points
6th 64 points
7th 60 points
8th 56 points
9th 52 points
10th 50 points
11th 48 points
12th 46 points
13th 44 points
14th 42 points
15th 40 points
16th 38 points
17th 36 points
18th 34 points
19th 32 points
20th 30 points


4.2.4 Pole position bonus

The team in pole position after qualifying for each category will receive 2 bonus point.


NOTE: A team who doesn't finish the race will not score points but the inc penalties will be applied for both team and drivers.

4.3 Safe award

This award will be calculated based on Inc/lap. Each lap started is taken into account as a full lap. At the end of the race, the safety ratio for the team will be calculated per the following formula:


Total team Inc / Total lap started

4.4 Champion

At the end of the season, the team with the higher championship point for his category will win the category.

4.5 Dead heat

If two or more teams finish with the same points scored at the end of the season, the higher place will be awarded as follows:

  • The team with the most wins
  • If the amount of wins still equal, the team with the most second places. And so on.
  • If we can’t find a winner in with the previous rules, the team first in the Safe Award championship will be the first team.

5 Race Event

5.1 Event schedule

A specific and detailed time table will be provided with the drivers briefing for each race.

The event schedule is subject to change if the administrative team or the broadcaster can’t be present for the event.

5.2 Session hosting

Each EEC session will be hosted through “League session” on Dutch servers. These sessions will have open setups, with dynamic weather and sky. They will be team session and it is mandatory for each team to connect with the correct team (team ID, car and car number).

5.3 Practices

Fair driving and respect also apply during practice sessions (as well as for practice hosted by members for our championship and even for any other iRacing practice). Bad behaviour will be judged like in our championship. You have to make your maximum to drive as if it was the race. Be fair and always aim for complete runs without crashes.


For the officials Free Practices, in case of your registered team is racing somewhere else, you’re allowed to join with another team. You can register only the amount of team you have registered in the championship.

For example, a team with 2 GT cars can enter 2 GT cars in each session.

Entering more cars may result in a penalty for the attached race (start from pitlane).


The 3 Free practice sessions will be held the 3 days before the race following this example:

Race on Sunday: FP1 - Thuesday, FP2 - Friday, FP3 - Saturday.


Every car (at least 1 driver per team) must participate in one of the Free Practice and run 10 laps.
Each team that doesn't comply with this rule will be flagged and will see their penalty time doubled if they receive some during the race.
For cars that receive this double penaly at any point, the practice for the next race will be completely mandatory for them.
This means that if they do not comply with the participation rule they won't be able to take part in the next race.

5.4 Warm-up

The warm-up is the practice session attached to the race. You must join this session with the correct team (team ID, car and car number). Failing to register the correct team will result in a start from pitlane penalty for the race.

This session will start with a 80% track usage. Following sessions (qualifications and race) will carry over the in-sim time and the track state. Marbles will be cleaned between sessions.

5.5 Qualifications

Qualifications will be held 1 hour before the race start and will be an open qualifier. Each team can score a lap time during the qualifying sessions following this timing if they don’t have a start from pitlane penalty:


00: GT Pro & GT Am out-lap
00 => 20: Qualifying of GT Pro & GT Am class
20: GT in-lap, P2 out-lap
20 => 40: Qualifying of P2 class
40: P2 in-lap, P1 out-lap
40 => end: Qualifying of P1


- A message in the iracing chat will be sent to warn of the ending of the time slot and the beginning of the next time slot.


- A message in the iracing chat will be sent one minute before your time slot to allow you to go in the waiting zone that will be shown in the briefing.


- The qualifier driver have to drive during the race following fair share rule as the others. Having a 'qualifier only' driver is forbidden.


- If a car is in a fast lap when crossing the time mark of the next class we allow the driver to finish the lap.


- You shall pay attention to fast car approaching if you’re in your in/out lap. you must respect the iRacing blue flags. If you intentionally block a car on his fast lap, you will have to start from the pit lane.


- This timing must be respected and will be enforced. Any car placing a time out of their category reserved time slot will be penalized with a stop and hold at the beginning of the race.


With the tire model V7 on the car, the so called “warming procedure” banned from the iRacing service will not be tolerated in our sessions as well. Any team going against the iRacing explicit rules will be disqualified from the race and the driver removed from the championship.


In addition to the iRacing rule: driving extremely slowly while spinning tires, or driving and slowing to a stop and accelerating again will NOT be tolerated at all.


Any car judged too slow on track will have his time invalidated and will have to start from the pits. (at the discretion of the stewards, depending on track layout and conditions).


You can wave to heat your tires but have to stay aware of traffic coming behind you and to avoid interfering with their lap.

Doing multiple braking attempts in the braking zone of a corner is accepted as long as you do not stop, do not brake too early before the turn (for a 300m braking zone, 400m is ok, not more), and do not interfere with faster cars.


The Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny will be set to "strict" for all the qualifying sessions.

5.6 Gridding

The grid will be sorted by time. Each car in the same class grouped together. Grid time limit will be the standard 2 minutes gridding time allowed by

Cars with a “start from pitlane” penalty must wait for the “missed start” button.


If multiples categories cars have to start from the pit, the first to join the track will be the P1, then the P2 and finally the GT. Cars starting from the pit lane must wait for the Race Control message allowing them to start their race. This is to enforce safety for the GT field at the start of the race and prevent any “jump-start” from the pit

5.7 Formation lap

Formation lap is managed by iRacing. Drivers must follow the safety car or the car in front of them.

Category leaders of P2 and GT must leave a gap with the back of the category in front. In each category pack cars must follow each others without leaving too many gaps betweens.


Excessive waving or braking are prohibited and may result in a penalty, at the discretion of the stewards.


The tire warming procedure rules of qualification session still apply


5.8 Start procedure

A start zone will be available in the Briefing (on our discord channel and directly on the website).

The leader of each category will lead his group at pace speed and start the race in this start zone.

Every car should keep the pace speed until the start zone is reached.

Any car Jumping the start will be penalized.
Please see '
9.2 Race Incident' for more details on penalties.



The race will start with a 3 category format. P1 in front, P2 in second and both GT Pro / Am in third. With the following procedure:


  • At the start of the race, each category leader must leave a few seconds of gap with the last car of the faster category.
  • When the safety car enters the pit, the class pace is defined by the category pole car. The pole car must keep a pace similar to the safety car.
  • The category leader must keep a steady pace to avoid any issue to the field behind. They should not slow down after accelerating. Any bad behaviour of the leader will lead to a penalty at the discretion of the stewards.
  • The category leader shall start the race in the designated start zone.
  • Each category race start is set when the category leader accelerates.
  • Once race is started, it is allowed to overtake before the start-finish line apart overtaking the category leader. Overtaking the leader before the line would a penalty.
  • If the category leader or any other car accelerates before the communicated start zone, other drivers must stay at the formation pace until reaching the start zone. In the situation that the leader is gone, the second car of the class will become the reference car for the start and incriminated cars will be penalized.
  • Any car taking the start from the pits must wait in the qualifying waiting zone until the last car has gone by pit exit and the stewards message (This rule exclude car(s) involved in incidents before pit exit during the start procedure). The penalty would also be a 30 seconds stop and hold.


5.9 Race

During the race, each team must respect the standard iRacing ‘driver fair share’ to see the result validated at the end of the race.


Quick quote of the iRacing rule:

“The "Drive Your Fair Share" rule operates as follows: at least the minimum number of drivers specified by the session must drive the car a "fair share" of the team's laps, or the team will receive a post-race Disqualification. A fair share is currently defined as 25% of an "equal share" of the laps.”

See here for more information on the subject.


The minimum of two drivers and a maximum of four drivers must be respected.


For the GT Am category, please note the additional EEC fair share rule #3.5 GT Am fair share rule

5.10 Incident limit

There is an incident limit above which teams are gonna start losing championship points.


The limit will be as follows:

10 inc/hour


So following the race length, the limit will be:


6h: 60

8h: 80

24h: 240


As soon as the limit is reached, this will be an immediate 1 point penalty.

And for every 10% more incident, this will be 1 more point.


Example: a team having 67 incidents in a 6hours race will lose 2 championship points.


In addition to that, we will use the iRacing pitlane penalty from n incident and then each m incidents. These will be set differently for each track depending on the difficulty, the race length.

This will not change the 10inc/h for points deduction.

Example: first penalty at 50 incidents, then every 10 incidents.

6 Communication

6.1 iRacing Chat

Officials messages from Race Control will be written to /all. 

The text and voice chats in the iRacing sessions are prohibited during qualification. During the race, they will also be prohibited except for race information like “Pitting in”, “Pass left”.

Private messages to another team are also prohibited. If you need to talk to someone else, please use our Discord platform. Your message may reach the driver in the car and may disturb him and cause an accident.

Penalty: 1st attempt: Warning, 2nd attempt: 30sec S&H, 3rd & more attempts: 120sec S&H

6.3 Chat issue

If a team or driver is found in the discord channels or the iRacing channel to publicly insult, harass, or put into disrepute, they will receive a 1 race ban or a complete ban, at the discretion of the EEC administrative team.

6.2 Discord

We will use a private Discord server for all information related to the league as well as drivers briefing and pre-race announcements. The server can be found here


Please make sure you enter a correct name: #00 | Your Name (where 00 is your car number in the championship).

7 Race Control

We will try as much as possible to provide live race control for all the events in the season. When the required number of marshals are present, live race control will be used for races. The race control will monitor on-track activity and racing incidents. They can be asked by teams with the dedicated form available in the discord #race-direction channel.


Race control decisions are final. Race control may remove drivers or team from the race if the driver/team involved pose a risk for other competitors (bad behaviour on track, insults, etc).


When the required number of marshals is not available the race incidents will be ruled out post-race. The same logic will be used and the same high-quality racing will be expected from everyone. Every Protest submitted correctly will be analyzed during the week after the race. Any incident spotted by an EEC team member or marshal will be treated as well post-race. This will be announced in the Race Control channel before the race.

7.1 Incident review

 All incidents handled by race control will be displayed in the dedicated Live Protest file pinned in the race-direction discord channel.


When Race Control is present in a race, any incident review may be asked by the team involved with the dedicated form available in the race-direction discord channel. Race Control can also review any incident spotted on the fly during the race.


When Race Control is not available in a race, the race-direction discord channel should only be used if you've any urgent questions or if a problem occurs.

7.2 Protest

Each protest submitted to race control must be complete and respect the form format. Essential information are: Your car (the car protesting), The car you are protesting (car at fault), the iracing time stamp in the session (format like 00:23:42, you can find this timestamp in the replay tool), a replay file of the incident in case race control can’t review the incident in the live session. The replay file is also required for post race protest.


The replay file must be cut 30 sec before the incident and 30 after the incident.

7.3 Protest deadline

Protests submitted in the 10 last minutes of the race will be analysed post race. If a protest can’t be reviewed by race control within the race session, it will be analysed post-race.

During 6 hours and 8 hours races protests must be submitted at most 2 hours after the incident.

During 24 hours races protests must be submitted at most 4 hours after the incident.


Post-race protests must be filed within 1 day after the race. If the race is held on Sunday, the protest submission period will end on Monday at 23:59 GMT.

7.4 Penalties

Race control will use the iRacing penalties. Any penalties must be served following the iRacing penalty management (you’ll have 3 laps to serve the penalty).


Race control will not throw penalties in the last 10 minutes of the race. The penalty will be carried over to the next race.

7.5 After last race of season penalty

If a team is protested after the last race (as well as protest in the last minutes of the live race), the team will receive a point penalty in the championship classification depending on the gravity.

8 Behaviour

All league members (including drivers, managers, race control members) are expected to be respectful and treat everyone with respect. Anyone failing to observe this may be penalised. As far as being removed from the league. 


All league members are also expected not to commit actions that may bring the league into disrepute. 


We expect from all drivers on track to race fair and pay attention to other drivers (faster, slower or within the same category). We also expect every league member to treat every other league member in a courteous manner at all times. Insulting, racist, sexist, homophobic, threatening, and any kind of words which may hurt someone else are prohibited in and out of the league. This is prevalent for written and spoken format. Anyone failing to respect this will be hardly penalised as far as being removed from the league.

8.1 Overtake

It is the responsibility of both cars (faster and slower) to ensure a safe overtake. Faster car should get around the slower car in a safe manner. Slower car is expected to hold a consistent and predictable racing line. Slower car may help the overtake by slowing down earlier before a corner if needed.

8.2 Unfair position gain

If a car gains a position in an unfair manner, penalty may be issued. This includes cutting the track or making contact with the other(s) car(s). A penalty may be avoided if the faulty car gives the spot back to the other car.


Penalty: at the discretion of the stewards.

8.3 Blocking

Once a car is committed to his line when defending a position, the car should not move in reaction to the car behind.

Changing his line in the braking zone is prohibited.


Penalty: at the discretion of the stewards.

8.4 Collision

Any car, from stewards point of view, responsible for causing a collision with another car resulting in a car spin, off track, loss of position, damages will be penalized.

A difference will be made following the behavior and events prior to the incident:

Crash caused by a mistake (e.g. locking the brake, touching the grass and loosing it,...)
First offence: 30sec S&H
Second offence: 120 S&H
Next offence at the discretion of the stewards.

Crash caused by reckless driving (e.g. dangerous attempt at overtaking, not leaving any space for others, 'basicaly sending it',...)

First offence: 300sec S&H
Second offence: Car removed from the race (and discussion aftewards if more is needed)

8.5 Dangerous driving

Any car being unpredictable for multiple turns or laps. Or a driver trying to overtake at any cost. Or a driver creating a dangerous situation may be warned or penalized depending on the gravity.


Penalty: at the discretion of the stewards.

8.6 Divebombs

Will be considered as divebomb: every move from a car in the braking area jumping on the side of a car when not already committed to the side of this car. Divebomb with contact will be treated as a collision.


- Note: By divebombing someone else, you show your lack of respect for the other car race. You may compromise his line for the turn. You may also be involved in a wreck causing the end of your race but also the end of someone else's race, which is even more important.


Penalty: at the discretion of the stewards.


8.7 Intentional contact or wrecking

Deliberate contact or wreck against someone else is prohibited and will result in a team disqualification for the current event. More penalty may be applied after the race following the case and the gravity.


Penalty: Team removed from the race. Driver removed from the championship. Further action post-race at the discretion of the stewards

8.8 Unsafe rejoin

If your car is not on the racing surface due to a previous incident, you’re allowed to come back on track in a safe manner. Unsafe rejoin are: joining the track while traffic is approaching. Joining the track not facing the correct direction (not in reverse).


Penalty: at the discretion of the stewards.

8.9 Flashlights

Flashlights are authorised to notice the car in front that you are going to overtake or if you are already overtaking to show the other car your position on track. Using your flashlight multiples times to convince someone else to move is prohibited.


Penalty: at the discretion of the stewards.

9 Penalty Guideline

While serving a penalty, if you do any work on the car like changing tires, refuel or swap driver, iRacing will automatically add time to your penalty. You can either do all at once, or do the penalty first by unticking all work on the car, and do your pitstop later.


Penalty may differ from the table below in specific and exceptional cases.

9.1 Pre-race & Qualification failure

Infraction Penalty Rule
Race registration infringement Start from pit lane 1.5
Enter race session with incorrect car number Start from pit lane 5.2 & 5.4
Enter race session with incorrect team Start from pit lane 5.2 & 5.4
Enter race session with the incorrect car Start from pit lane 5.2 & 5.4
Grid the car with a Start from pit penalty 180sec S&H 5.6
Qualifying time slots infraction Start from pit lane 5.5
Blocking a car on a fast lap Start from pit lane 5.5
Warming tire issue - violating iRacing official rules
Team DQ + Driver removed from the championship
Warming tire issue (Quali) - violating EEC rules
Start from pit lane

9.2 Race incident

Infraction Penalty Rules
Warming tire issue (Formation Lap)
S&H 30 sec
Jump start of the leader S&H 30 sec 5.8
Jump start of a car in the pack S&H 30 sec 5.8
Jump start, following another car that jumped the start S&H 0 sec 5.8
Dive-bombing At the discretion of the stewards 8.6
Dangerous driving At the discretion of the stewards 8.5
Intentional Wrecking Team removed from the race. Driver removed from the championship. Further action post race at the discretion of the stewards 8.7
Intentional blocking At the discretion of the stewards 8.3
Dangerous track rejoining At the discretion of the stewards 8.8
Causing an accident (Mistake)

1st attempt: 30sec S&H

2nd attempts: 120sec S&H

3rd and more attempt: at the discretion of the stewards

Causing an accident (Reckless Driving)

1st attempt: 300sec S&H

2nd attempts: Team removed from the race. Further action post race at the discretion of the stewards

Unnecessary Headlight flash usage At the discretion of the stewards 8.9
Chat issue

1st attempt: Warning

2nd attempt: 30sec S&H

3rd & more attempts: 120sec S&H


10 Liveries

Each team is encouraged to create its own paint scheme. A decal_layer will be applied to each car through a separated template (by us). Before each race, a zip file containing all painting for the teams will be provided for you to download and enjoy every team paint. We will not use Trading Paint to ensure visibility for the sponsors of this championship.

The distinction between GT Pro and GT Am will be done with this specific decal_layer. This will apply a color and a text to the number and plates like so:

  • P1: Red – P1
  • P2: Blue – P2
  • GT Pro: Green – PRO
  • GT Am: Orange – AM


Don't forget to add our decals to your spec map if you use it. They need to be shown as normal in iRacing (black in the red channel, black in the green channel)

EEC 2020 car decals (.psd & .png)

Final deadline to submit a livery to the organisation team: Same as the team registration. See the race briefing for further informations

Note: You cannot use logos and brands you don't own or have a usage authorization for. We cannot guarantee and check the team skins so each team will be liable for the potential copyright infringements their skin might raise.